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Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3 episode 13 released

May 28, 2009

Surrounded by Megaborgs!

avi: (as usual credit for the re-encode goes to sasword)



Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3 episode 12 released

May 13, 2009

The Faraway Golden Planet

avi: (credit for the transcode goes to sasword)


Episode 12 delayed until mid-May

May 4, 2009

Posting to let you know I’m not dead yet 😉
Things have been really hectic in Real Life lately. I had little time to think, much less to sub an episode. Don’t worry, it will get done, I’m still planning on fully subbing this series. Don’t expect the next episode before the end of next week, though.

[Edited 09/05] Started working on episode 12. Coming sometime next week.
Random line from the episode, just to get you interested: “Wenner! You bastard, so you’re still alive!”

[Edited 10/05] Halfway through with the translation. Star Wars homage! That was awesome.

[Edited 12/05] Done! Coming tomorrow, when I’ve had time to quality-check properly. Too tired to do it now.