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Episode 23 released; also, an announcement

March 17, 2010

Surrounded by Red-Hot Flames! is now available for download.


And now, for the announcement. Sadly, due to real-life related issues, this will be the last Daitarn 3 release under the /m/anly fansubs label. I’m not comfortable discussing these issues, however suffice it to say that they’re serious enough to impact my ability to sub the series.

“But does this mean there won’t be any more episodes subbed and released?”

HELL NO. I’ve been into talks with other fansubbing groups, and we’ve reached a sort-of agreement: I will translate the episodes (which I’m still able to do, since thankfully the most time-consuming part of fansubbing is timing and uploading), then hand the translations over to them. They’ll time them, encode them and release them.

“When will these episodes be released?”

I can’t say for sure now. But mark my words, you will get your fully subbed Daitarn 3 series, come hell and high water.

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