And that makes 40.

It is done.

Get the final episode over at the /m/subs release blog. You can also find a torrent for all episodes there.

And with that, I bid you goodbye. This will probably be the last post on this blog, unless I decide to recycle it in the future for something else.
Thank you all for your patience over these two years of subbing, guys. See ya.


6 Responses to “And that makes 40.”

  1. seraj ahmad Says:

    I had followed you since you released episode 3 I’m happy being watching this series has been completed translation, I tip my hat out of respect for your efforts and dedication, daitarn3 and haran banjo his role was essential in super robot games the same case of mazinger z,getter robo and combattler v, thank you very much and accept my sincere greetings.

  2. getter Says:

    Thanks for all the hard work and best wishes in all your future endeavors—always a great thing to see a classic series, SR or otherwise, completed.

  3. zeorymer Says:

    Thank you very much for all the hard work you put into this project and the effort in finishing all “40” episodes…

  4. Zack Cody Frankenstein Says:

    You kicked ass, dude. Many people will never show this level of dedication to finishing something creative like this. Thank you for what you’ve done.

  5. Strep2coq Says:

    Thank you.

  6. Ryvius Says:


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