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Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3 batch torrent 2

April 14, 2009

Here it is. Please keep in mind that this torrent, ideally, should only be used by those people who, for whatever reason, cannot use Megaupload.

So, if you can download from Megaupload… why not help with the seeding? This would really be a big help, especially since my bandwidth isn’t infinite.

Here’s how to help with the seeding, if you so choose:

1 – If you haven’t yet, download the episodes included in this torrents. For your convenience, quick links: episode 6, episode 7, episode 8, episode 9 and episode 10;
2 – Download the torrent;
3 – Create a folder anywhere on your hard disk named “[ManlySubs] Muteki Koujin Daitarn 3 06-10” exactly (without the quotes) and place the .mkvs in it;
4 – Open the torrent with your torrenting program of choice;
5 – When asked where to download the files, point it to the folder containing the one you created.

Thank you for your time, and happy seeding / downloading, whichever the case may be.


Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3 01-05 batch torrent

January 27, 2009

Here it is, the first batch torrent. Contains episodes 1 through 5.

If you can, I would really appreciate if you could help with the seeding process, since I don’t have infinite bandwidth available, and I need to turn off the computer at certain times (i.e.: when sleeping), so I won’t be able to seed 24/7.
If you want to help with the seeding process, here’s how:

1. Download all episodes that have been released so far.

Episode listing, for your convenience:
2v2: (please make sure you have the correct file, since at first I had uploaded a wrong version — episode 3 with episode 2’s subs).

2. Create a directory anywhere on your hard drive, named “[ManlySubs] Muteki Koujin Daitarn 3 01-05” exactly (without quotes).
3. Place the episode files inside the directory you created.
4. Open the torrent in your favourite torrenting program.
5. When asked where to download the files, select the directory containing the directory you have created.
6. ????
7. Profit!

Thank you, and happy downloading / seeding.